Another thing that is true

I wrote a few months ago about how many of the messages I was told about parenting were lies, but a few were true, like the amount of mental space occupied by poop.  I have realized another one, lately.

I’ve gone from a latte a week and a couple of daily cups of tea, prepregnancy, to a latte or two a day, plus tea, plus the occaisional black coffee.  I got an Nespresso espresso machine for my birthday, and now make a coffee for our commute in to work.  I go for coffee with coworkers regularly, sometimes for my beloved Starbucks lactaid lattes, and sometime for the better free coffee found in our cafeteria.  I drink a lot of tea.  I sometimes have a diet coke in the afternoon.

And I’m still tired, a lot of the time.  I totally am using caffeine as a crutch, because the baby’s still waking once a night to eat, and on bad nights, another time because she’s soaked through the cloth diaper.  (I’m going to experiment with a disposable at night, to see if that can last for 12 hours.)

But in the mean time, I keep sucking back the tasty black stuff and acknowledge that this part of parenting I’d been warn about is true.*

* For me.  David refuses to drink hot beverages.  He does drink a lot of pop though, but he’s always done that, so who knows.


Some things are true…

Okay, so I know it wasn’t that long ago that I was writing about how the messages that people gave me about parenting were kind of lies, but I have to say, there’s one thing that I was told that is totally, totally true.

I think about poop way more than I ever have in my entire life.

This is both gross, and funny.

And it started like, instantly.  From the meconium plug in the hospital (gross), to the first “real” diaper change (gross, and I got poop on my hands, causing me to laugh helplessly while David recorded me), to  the adventure that it solid food (super gross, and yet also fascinating), to dealing with cloth diapers and real poop (gross, and we’re buying biodegradable liners, because I’m getting tired of wiping actual poop off the cloth), to smelling the baby to see if she’s pooped (gross), to watching her for an epically funny poop face that she makes (hysterically funny, with intense eye contact).  It’s a lot of time and energy and brain space, to be devoted to feces.

You’ll be relieved that I will not, as per some of the idealists found on STFU, Parents, I  will not be inflicting any further details on you, because, say it with me, GROSS.

But I did want to chime in to say that there is at least one thing that the world told me about parenting is, in fact, very, very true.