Clearly, we did something to piss off Karma

I woke up at 7 and went downstairs for a shower.  (The nicest shower in the house is in the fully finished basement.)  And slipped on the tile.  On the very wet tile. 

Flooding.  Yes.

Our fully finished basement in now a disaster zone.  1000 gallons of water over the course of two days.  I ripped the carpet up.  I worked until my fingers actually bled, and I really didn’t know that was even possible.  (ouch)   We lost all of the recently installed, expensive carpet.  We had just installed the 8 foot long custom bar my father in law had built – luckily the countertop wasn’t in so we could unscrew it from the wall and put it on bricks.  We’ve lost the baseboard.  We’re expecting to lose the drywall to the 2 foot mark, and we’re hoping we can save the panelling on the rest of the walls.  We saved our furniture and possessions, because we caught it so fast.  We’ve been lucky, for a given value of luck.  (I mean, at least I’m not pregnant!  Shop vacuuming and towelling and ripping up carpet for 17 hours with out stop was awful enough, without being hormonal and pukey.)  We borrowed fans and a dehumidifier and put down absorbing-clay-and-pebbles and I painted mold-resister everywhere I could reach. 

Insurance, however, covers none of it. 

And there goes the August trip to Seattle.  

And possibly the direly needed re-roof of the garage.

And a good chuck of our savings.

Now we’re waiting for my father in law to come to town tomorrow to assess the wall damage.  We’ve had a plumber in, and installing the sump pump will cost $2000 for the pump, but they’re not sure which walls/floors will have to come out to do it.  We will not be putting carpet down, of course, because I’m never ripped up THAT again.  (We’re thinking polished concrete with radiant heating, and a lot of area rugs.)  And scratching out our entire to do list and making a new one, and having endless discussions about plumbing and what we can do and what we have to pay to have done.  (IE: drywall?  Us.  Painting, baseboard and trim: us.  Radiant flooring?  Maybe.  Concrete?  Waffling.  Staining and polishing concrete?  Me.  Collapsing in a pile of despair? No one.)

So.  How was YOUR weekend?  🙂