Craft ADD

So, I think I have ADD.  Well, craft ADD.  I am simply terrible for starting things, and then never, ever finishing them.  It’s getting embarrassing.  So let me share my shame.  And then you share yours, so I feel less hopeless?

  • Large oil painting.  I’m working from a copy of a Nicolas Bott painting, because I love his style, and “copying” a painting is a good exercise.  But I’m having a crazy hard time getting the colours right where the sunset light is hitting the mountain peaks.  Such a hard time I put it down like 4 months ago and haven’t looked at it again because I’m so annoyed with it.
  • 5×7 little oil painting for Jess’s room.  Supposed to be easy – green grass, blue sky, white clouds, some trees and red balloons.  Got stuck with the trees, unable to figure out how I wanted them to work.  Happened a few weeks after the big painting.  Put away the paints.
  • I started to make a quiet book for Jess.  I bought the felt, did like 4 of the pages (including freehand embroidery on the clothing for the dress up doll) and then stopped.  The next several steps involve the sewing machine, and I hate the sewing machine.
  • I did 5 of the 6 tie backs for the basement curtains, with the hated sewing machine.  It took a few months for me to find the d rings I needed for the 6th one.  Now I have it, but I haven’t set up the sewing machine to finish it.
  • The photobook site I’ve been using just closed, and so I now have to find a new one to make both the 52 weeks of baby pictures book, and some giant 1 year album.
  • I’m not much of a scrapbooker, but I do put together albums of our vacations.  I’m really lazy about it – I basically print out pictures, and glue them to the pages along with whatever random crap I collected on the trip.  The last few pages are always a jumbled collage of food stuff –  labels, chip bags, beer coasters… The rest of the book is finished – I just need to drink a bottle of pop and make David eat the apple gum so I can have the package and glue everything down.  We got home in November.
  • I have been keeping a blog since 2000.  The diaryland one has long been deleted, though the blogspot one still exists.  They are far too ephemeral for my tastes, as a life long diarist.  So I have compiled them in to a series of bound books to be printed at, all 550,000 words of it.  I just need to finish the final editing pass and hit the order button.  I have not.  I think I started this project during down time at work in like, 2006 maybe?
  • Every year after Christmas, I knock together a booklet of gift lists.  What we got, what we gave.  It’s really handy a year or two down the line, when you’re like, “we bought your mom a cd, what was it again?” and thus eliminate gift duplicates.  Some years the books are pre-made, some years there’s put together with leftover wrapping paper.  Some years I hand write the lists, other years I print it.  This year, I got far too ambitious, and I’ve spent the last two days fighting with it.
  • Also for the little photo wall in Jess’s room, I want to cross stitch something for one of the frames.  I finally picked the picture, made up the pattern, and have to go to the store to buy the floss.  I like cross stitch, as unlike practically everything else on this list, I can do it while watching tv in the evenings with David.

I’m sure there are probably other things I have started and abandoned.  I know that I once started a pornographically obsene cross stitch in my mis-spent youth (HA) that I gave up on.  I chose too small an Aida cloth, so it was taking forever, and then I didn’t have a place to hang it, and I grew up and the joke became less funny.  I do have practically every single pinky flesh toned thread, should I ever need it, so I guess that’s something?

Maybe my new year’s resolution should include finishing at least 5 out of the 10 of these, eh?