Another thing that is true

I wrote a few months ago about how many of the messages I was told about parenting were lies, but a few were true, like the amount of mental space occupied by poop.  I have realized another one, lately.

I’ve gone from a latte a week and a couple of daily cups of tea, prepregnancy, to a latte or two a day, plus tea, plus the occaisional black coffee.  I got an Nespresso espresso machine for my birthday, and now make a coffee for our commute in to work.  I go for coffee with coworkers regularly, sometimes for my beloved Starbucks lactaid lattes, and sometime for the better free coffee found in our cafeteria.  I drink a lot of tea.  I sometimes have a diet coke in the afternoon.

And I’m still tired, a lot of the time.  I totally am using caffeine as a crutch, because the baby’s still waking once a night to eat, and on bad nights, another time because she’s soaked through the cloth diaper.  (I’m going to experiment with a disposable at night, to see if that can last for 12 hours.)

But in the mean time, I keep sucking back the tasty black stuff and acknowledge that this part of parenting I’d been warn about is true.*

* For me.  David refuses to drink hot beverages.  He does drink a lot of pop though, but he’s always done that, so who knows.


4 responses to “Another thing that is true

  1. Hi, I just came over from A Practical Wedding cause I noticed you posting awesome comments, and… mostly I just want to give you a giant solidarity fistbump. Thanks for writing awesome things, and I hope you don’t mind if I read through all your archives now… 🙂

  2. oh yes, caffffeeeeeine! I’ve been having roughly 4-hour nights on a fairly regular basis lately and a good cuppa tea is all that allows me to function on a human level. Tonight will be the night I go to bed early (probably not).

    • Yeah, the whole “unable to go to bed early” thing is a problem for me too. Why is that? Because you’re so happy to have adult time you refuse to, um, act like one and go to bed?

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