Weighty Issues, Redux

Hey, so remember like 10 months ago when I was all aflutter because my baby was charted as being off the chart overweight for her height?  Yeah, I barely do either.  I was thinking about it today, though.  At J’s 12 month check up, the doctor charted an actual drop in weight – about a pound the month prior.  So on Friday I took her to the public health nurse office to weigh and measure her.  And she’s lost another half pound.  Which puts her somewhere between the 3rd and 15th percentile in weight.  She did grow an inch, so she’s now up to the same for height, which is something, I guess.  She’s a tiny peanut.  A tiny peanut who now weighs the same as she did 5 months ago.

Yeah.    That probably isn’t good.

The doctor, at the last appointment, told me I had two months to fatten up the baby.  Two weeks of macaroni and 5-cheeses and cream cheese spread and a couple of pieces of bread a day (daycare) and everything else I can think of to fatten her up, minus feeding her straight up butter?  She loses weight.

It’s so hard to tell if you’re doing the right thing with kids.  I worked really hard to introduce J to fruits and vegetables and proteins and all types of dairy and she eats so well!  I really had thought we’d had it all figured out.  I mean, the kid eats more interesting cheeses than David does.  He likes… marble cheese and plain babybels.  J eats aged white cheddar and Parmesan and cranberry goat cheese.  She happily eats almost anything and everything.  She doesn’t like peaches, and we both had a similar blurg reaction to the millet I experimented with, but otherwise?  She has a preference for citrus fruit (including lemons!) and kiwis, but will also eat bananas and purred apples and pears.  She still has no teeth, so has had no luck with chunks of apples.  She hasn’t turned her nose up at any veggie that I’ve made for her, and shows a particular love for carrots and parsnips.  On the rare occasions we eat steak, she gleefully sucks the meat dry.  (She still has no teeth.)  She eats pork and chicken and shrimp and beef and even raw fish, although her preference is for fruits and veggies over meat.  We don’t eat a ton of grains at home – I rarely keep bread in the house because it goes moldy long before we’d have finished it.  I’m not on Atkins or anything – I just don’t, you know, eat a lot of starches, other than rice.  Which she is indifferent too, but I still offer and she always eats a bit.

I thought I was doing good, you know?  Having this kid who turns down chicken to eat another segment of a sweet blood orange.  Who cheerfully eats broccoli and green beans and parsnip soup.  Who loves yogurt with berries and flavourful cheeses.   Who devoured homemade salmon cakes.  Who still nurses twice a day.  And yet, somehow, something has gone wrong, and I feel guilty.  Should I have been pushing higher fat food the whole time instead of fruits and veg?  Is there something more seriously wrong, or is this just a blip brought on by the combo of daycare, a sleep regression, a cold, teeth finally emerging and gradual weaning all happening at once?  How much olive oil can I pour on her food before she stops being willing to eat it?  What’s the line between enough cheese for the calcium (she doesn’t like milk much, though she’s offered it 3-4 times a day) and total constipation?  How much of my reaction is overreaction, penduluming too far the other direction from last time?  I thought I was doing so good, feeding her veggies instead of like, processed sweetened puffs or whatever.  Should I go out and buy more frankenfood?  God knows I love me a bag of chips, so it’s not like I’m totally against it.  It’s just… I thought I should keep her foods pure-ish for as long as I could, you know?  I’m sure it’s not hard to learn to love goldfish crackers (NOM) but much harder to introduce broccoli later, so why not offer it now, when her tastes are so influence-able?

And how can someone with cheeks this round be so slim?

And how can someone with cheeks this round be too slim?

I just don’t know anything any more.

Babies, man.


6 responses to “Weighty Issues, Redux

  1. Just wanted to encourage you that you aren’t doing anything wrong. Kids eat what they want, you just offer good choices. Those growth charts don’t take into account genetics, ethnicity and activity of the child.
    One thing I did for my kids, who are low on the charts, is give vanilla soy milk. Lots if far, tastes good.

  2. It is *so* frustrating. My daughter’s a few months younger than yours (almost 10 months now) and while her swing from one end of the weight chart to the other hasn’t been quite as dramatic, it’s still had me worried. The doctors aren’t concerned because each of her appointments has been right after a cold or stomach bug, so they attribute the lack of weight gain to that, but still…. Mine similarly doesn’t care for meat or many other higher calorie foods, and right now is turning her nose up at pretty much anything I make her.

    She also has a helmet to correct plagiocephaly, and while I know at this age the head doesn’t grow quickly, hers hasn’t grown at all, which means the skull hasn’t improved at all, because the helmet can only guide new growth. So all these weeks of wearing the helmet 23 hours a day have done basically nothing.

  3. (Brief intro before I comment, so you know who I am. I found your blog through one of your comments on APW, and thought you sounded interesting, so I started following your posts. My name’s Alia. Hi!)

    One of my good friends has a baby who is almost 16 months now, and she went through the same thing with the doctors telling her the baby didn’t weigh enough and she needed to put more weight on her, etc. However, while her baby doesn’t eat the same variety of foods that yours does, she does eat quite a bit, and her cheeks are quite round too. My friend was really stressing out about it for awhile too, but honestly, I think as long as your baby is eating healthy foods, you’re probably okay. It does sound like there are a lot of factors going on for her right now that could have triggered the weight loss. My guess is that her placement on the weight charts probably doesn’t mean all that much at this age, and it’s likely not a huge concern unless the weight loss continues for a long period of time or something. Obviously, I’m not a doctor, nor am I a mom yet, but that’s what it seems like to me. I feel like there’s enough stuff to worry about as a new mom, and if your kid is eating (and well!), then she’s probably doing okay.

  4. First, holy cuteness.

    Second, you’re doing a great job with the food and otherwise. I hope to do the same as you and that my son eats as well as Jess.

    You listed many reasonable contributing factors. I’m sure Jess is just fine. Good luck!

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