So we’ve started the transition to daycare.  Without getting in to the details, let me just say that IT SUCKS MORE THAN EVERYTHING HAS EVER SUCKED BEFORE, at least since the last thing that was completely terrible.  So many tears.  The daycare hasn’t been great at communicating what I am supposed to do, which hasn’t helped anything, but that’s only a side stress of BEING IN THE SAME ROOM AS MY SCREAMING BABY AND NOT BEING ABLE TO GO AND COMFORT HER.

We’ve both been doing a lot of crying.

On Monday, I *think* I’m to drop her off in the afternoon and then leave, so I’ve booked a massage.  And on Tuesday a hair cut.  And on Wednesday I go find my new office in the new shiny office tower.  And the next phase of our lives begins.

I know it will be fine.  Eventually.  I just hate hate hate how many tears are being shed in the transition.


Being a grown up sucks.



4 responses to “Ugh

  1. Oh Morgan, this is so hard, I’m sorry. I think we were lucky in a way, that Frances started daycare early because she didn’t have that stranger fear that older babies/toddlers have. I watched this process with friends of ours whose daughter started going to our daycare at 1, and it was hard. But it does get better, I promise. She will not always cry at drop off. Soon it will be her fun place. Best of luck!

    • At least I can rest easy knowing it would have just about as bad with this baby at any age – she got her stranger fear around 3 months old. It was so bad – every time Grandma would touch her, she’d cry hysterically. I thought we were going to get written out of the will…

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