Oh, god.  I just got the package from the daycare, with all the forms, and the handbook.  And I am having SO MANY FEELINGS.

Jess was a disaster at the fitness class today.  Whiny, clingy, randomly inconsolable, before being fine for a while.  (Teething?  Maybe?  She has to get some eventually, right?)  And I’m torn between feeling sad for her, at the struggle she will have to deal with adults who are not me (child got her fear of strangers at 3 months, and it’s lingered) and feeling glad for me, because she will have to get better at letting adults who aren’t me pick her up when she is sad.

I’m reading through the day care handbook, and it really does sound like we’re sending her to a good place.  “Outdoor time is scheduled at minimum twice a day and more often when time and space allows for it.”  “We provide a morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack that is cooked and prepared at our x location.  The menu is reviewed and prepared quarterly by a nutritionist and follows The Canada Food guide recommendations.”  “Televisions are not used in any of our classrooms for watching movies, or television.”  Actually, it sounds in more than a few ways like a more structured, involving, stimulating environment than home.  What, a trip to Ikea isn’t as stimulating as a sand table and twice daily walks outside?

BUT MA BABEEE!  *insert weeping*  Even though we’re in a phase where my whole day is spent waiting for it to be nap time.

I am just so conflicted.  Someone please tell me awesome things about daycare.  I don’t seem to have any friends who are in my situation, and so I turn to you, internet, to tell me the perks of handing over my child to trained experts.  Because as much as I am looking forwards to it (I’m not loving this stage, right this week), I’m also really, really sad.  (And eating my feelings.)


3 responses to “Feeeeelings

  1. Frances has been in daycare since 4.5 months, and we all love it. She loves hanging out with other little kids all day, and they do all sorts of “fun” stuff – crafts, “water play”, storytime, songs, outdoor play, trips to the library, etc.

    As a first time parent, with very little “baby” experience, I have really loved having other experienced caregivers who have their eyes on her as well, watching her grow. Daycare is who told us how to cure her cradle cap, when she needed faster nipples for her bottles, etc. Most things are us of course, but I really like having other folks who “know” my child and who I can talk to about her development.

    It is hard to leave her some days. She is very used to them, having gone for so long, they are also her “people”, but there are still occasional days when she cries. But I know they take good care of her and love her and, most importantly, that she really likes being there, hanging out with her friends, doing new and different stuff. I think daycare is awesome. 🙂

  2. I love daycare. Zoe has been going since she was 4 months old. Early on, I knew that it was ok because she would kick her legs in glee when we would walk in. She has cried only a handful of times when being dropped off (once when we found that she had an ear infection later that day, when she switched classrooms and if I have to take her to a different class if her teachers are not in yet when there was a snowstorm). She usually runs straight to me or her dad when we pick her up but sometimes she doesn’t. Just the other day when I picked her up she was sitting on one of her teacher’s laps coloring and she smiled and just kept coloring. It makes me feel good as a parent that she has other adults that she feels confident with, not just her parents. We don’t have family nearby so this means a lot to us.

  3. I’ve worked at daycare, and all of the people that I worked with truly loved the kids. They were another set of eyes and became part of the village. It was pretty cool.

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