Jess just turned 9 months old.   To use that old cliche, where did the time go?

More pressingly, where did this tiny little person go??

1 Month Old

1 Month Old

She somehow became this new, opinionated, noisy, happy, inquisitive person!

9 Months Old

9 Months Old

It’s hard to believe that she’s now been outside of me longer than she was inside of me.  Which, because I am, in fact, pedantic, happened a few weeks ago. Jess was born at 38 weeks gestational age, or 36 weeks actual existence.  It took 36 weeks to go from a couple of cells to an 8 pound baby, and another 8 months to become a 17 pound human being.  It’s really, really crazy to watch.

1 Week Old

1 Week Old

36 Weeks Old

36 Weeks Old

Babies.  Man, I cannot even believe these pictures are of the same human, so close together.  Just crazy.


2 responses to “WTF

  1. Eleanor makes the same legs as that bottom picture. I call them her HNNNNNNNG legs because that is the sound she’s usually making.

    Also, tiny humans, amirite? Holy shit.

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