I’m not much of a Halloween person, which I realize makes me sound like a grouch.  I loved trick or treating as a kid, and when Jess is a little bit older, we’ll totally do that.  (In a snow suit, if the weather is like it is this year.)  But as an adult, it’s kind of meh for me.  I’m not a big costume person, I don’t participate in Slutoween, and I’m unenthused about hanging around answering the door for 3 hours giving out candy.  Other years, I’ve gone to Ikea, gone out for Vietnamese, hung out in the basement and once on the rare Saturday Oct 31 went to a party.  This year seems to be shaping up to be a basement Halloween, in part because it’s snowing outside, and the baby cares less than I do.

I did, however, dress her up in her Tigger onesie for our fitness class this morning.

Cute little Tigger

Because how could I not?  Such a cute little Tigger/tiger baby.

Tiger goes roar


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