Simply distracted

I woke up with a headache, one of those bad ones that also makes you want to throw up.  I popped a couple of pills and went to my fitness class anyway, because, well, I paid for it, so of course I have to go.  Also, if it was a tension headache (and let’s be honest, there is always a tension aspect to my headaches), moving around might help.   So I got everything ready to go, chocked down a granola bar and went to class.  Only as I walked in to the building did I realize that I had forgotten to put on runners and instead was wearing slip on Puma open ballet flats.  You know, probably the least appropriate gym footwear (without a heel) that I own.

I felt like an idiot.

I did the class anyway, and just stuck with low intensity options for the cardio, and kicked them off for the final bit of stretching.  Annoying, but no big deal in the end.

However.  Call it mommy brain and I will bite you.  I HATE that expression.  It’s so utterly demeaning.  It’s like, “oh, when you pushed that baby out, your brain fell out too!”  Ugh.  No, I had a headache and was overly focused on getting all of Jess’s stuff together and out the door and wasn’t paying attention, but it’s not because I’m a mommy.  It’s because I’m a human being and got distracted.  This (sadly) isn’t the first time I’ve worn the wrong shoes to a fitness class.  This is just the first time that I’ve done it since I had a kid.  (And couldn’t just run back to my office to get the right ones.)

It’s just such a patronizing expression.  Dismissive and demeaning. Implies, really, that women with children are reduced.  Less intelligent. Less capable. Lesser.  And I don’t like that shit one bit.  Call me distracted, call me tired, call me out for not paying attention to the details, call me stupid, call it an accident, call it human behaviour.  Just don’t call it mommy brain.

Or else I’ll make her bite you.

She’s bite hard, too


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