I realized after talking about money the other day, that I forgot one big expense.  Mainly because we haven’t paid for it yet, but I know it’s coming.

It’s our cars.  And the fact that we are going to have to buy a new one.

Such a first world problem, right?

But I drive a sporty little Toyota Corolla (in bright blue!) and David has a two door Toyota Celica sports car.  His (sexy black) sports car is so totally child unfriendly.  Hell, it’s third person unfriendly period.  The one time I had to sit in the back, I had to sit sideways, and I’m barely five feet tall.  My car is fine for now, but there’s no real way we can use it if we have another kid, because the car seat thing means that the front seat can’t be pushed all the way back.  That’s not a huge problem for me (see my lack of height) but would result in David not being able to drive the car, what with him being over six feet tall.

Also, even now?  Kind of a pain.  Because of the giant stroller, we can’t fit the stroller and a single suitcase in the trunk at the same time.  (Why yes, we did road trip in this car! And we had many many backpacks of various sizes wedged in there, and the back seat as well.  Not particularly ideal, no.)  This weekend, we’re heading up for a family wedding, which is NBD, except for the fact that my mother in law will drive up to Calgary, and then head up with us to the wedding.  Three adults and a baby in a car with no trunk space to speak of?  And not a large backseat, and the adult has to sit behind long-legged David, due to the car seat set up?  Super awesome!

So we will trade in one of the cars.  The only question now is which one.  Mine is a 2009 with like, 25k on it, and David’s is a 2005 with 45k.  Mine would have higher resale, but the longer we wait on selling his, the more it depreciates, so should it go first?  Or can we get away with one family car and keep the sexy little sports car?  We figure we have at least until next summer, maybe next fall, before it’s pressing.  Even if we do a Yellowstone roadtrip next summer, Jess will be old enough to just use a small umbrella stroller by then, instead of the Graco beast we have now.  (Buying us room for a tent and a suitcase or three.)

We will, however, NOT be buying a minivan.  We have a no minivan deal.  I’ll be pushing for the smallest crossover we can find, and he’ll be pushing for a medium sized crossover.  I think we’ll probably be able to find a compromise that works, right?

(Please feel free to tell me that I totally don’t need a bigger car.  But then you have to find me a car seat that doesn’t take up so much seat depth.  And doesn’t cost a thousand dollars, ugh.)


One response to “Cars

  1. I love my Ford Focus station wagon that I bought when #2 was on the way. It has been a great car and we have never had a problem. I think when you have less than 3 kids you can still get away with a small car. However, now that #3 is on the way I’ve done a ton of research and we are, sadly, buying a mini van (tomorrow, in fact, we are buying this mini van). It really is the best option for us. It also means my lovely little station wagon that has been so great is for sale because we won’t need a second car for many years. (Interested?)

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