So there are days where the baby screams for two hours for no reason at all.  Afternoons that drag on for ages.  Nights that still involve way too many night wakings.  She’s a good baby, but she’s still a baby, and some times, that means she’s really, really annoying.

But then there are other days.  Other moments.  Where you heart just swells, and you look at this tiny creature, this baby, flesh of my flesh.  And I just want to freeze the moment for ever.

I went in to our room to wake her up from a nap the other day* and this is what I saw:

Cutest fucking baby I ever made, yeah.  She woke up in an adorable, happy, cuddly mood. And I just swooned.

Things are okay around here, finally.   In fact, I think we might just do this again one day.  Eventually.

*Yes, I wake her up all the time.  If I didn’t, she’d sleep from 2 am to 2 pm every day, and I can’t work that.  So I wake her up every morning, and I also wake her from her last nap of the day.  She stays up for two hours after waking, no matter how long her sleep, so if I want her down by 11 pm, I need to wake her from her nap at 9 pm.  We’re working slowly towards a 9 pm to 9 am scheduled, but we’re not there yet. 


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