Mini Me

Let’s be honest.  Most little babies just look like, well, little babies.  Or perhaps Winston Churchill.  Perhaps with an identifying feature or two from the parents.

And then there’s my baby.

Me and my mini me

Yes.  The picture on the left is me at 3 days, and the right is Jessie at 4 weeks.  An earlier picture would have captured a more similar skin tone, and Jess has obviously had a month to chubby up those cheeks, but it’s clear even to me that she is so totally my baby.

Now that she’s a little older, it’s fun to play ‘spot the family resemblance’.  Obviously she looks like me in the face and the eyes and the hair, but she totally has David’s lips and ears and long graceful fingers and normal fingernails.  She totally has my paternal family’s webbing between the second and third toes, but her second toe is longer than the big toe like David’s.  Her lack of chin is totally my dad and sister.

I’m sure it gets more fun as she gets bigger.  And harder, as she become her own person, instead of this 10 pound (already!) funny faced eating machine.


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