The ups and downs of pregnancy

Now, I have to start this off by saying that I have had a very, very easy pregnancy, all told.  It has confirmed my strongly held belief that my body is that of a peasant, designed to labour in the fields and birth babies.  So that’s nice.  The only time I’ve thrown up this whole pregnancy has round 2 of the stomach flu this month, where I threw up nine times in twelve hours, popping a blood vessel in my eye and straining my ribs in the process.  (So, basically, the worst stomach flu I’ve ever had.)  I had some first trimester nausea, but didn’t throw up.  (In part because I refuse to vomit, if even slightly possible.  I am very bad at it and tend to cry like the world is ending if it happens.  David is very kind and doesn’t laugh at me until I feel better.)  I spent a good chunk of the first few months going to work, coming home, cooking dinner and then retiring to my couch/bed for rest, but I know that’s pretty light compared to what most people deal with.    The second trimester was even easier, as the exhaustion mostly lifted.  The 2 rounds of stomach flu followed by the month long wracking chest cold have sucked, but he chest cold is just as bad for David.  And he can have medication, and it’s not made almost any difference, so that made my doctor prescribed routine of tea, a puffer and more tea bearable.

On the whole, I have enjoyed being pregnant.  The pros are many and the cons mild, at least until now, the beginning of the third trimester.


  • My E cup boobs still haven’t gotten bigger.  Which is good – it’s hard enough to buy bras already. 
  • My leg hair has started growing way slower.  Given normally that I’d need to shave my legs every, uh, 18 hours to keep them smooth, this has been lovely.
  • My head hair has thankfully not stopped falling out.  I have ridiculously thick hair that I need to get thinned every time I get a haircut, so more hair volume would have been de trop.
  • I haven’t put on much weight, and the weight I have is fully out front in the belly.  Viewed straight on, I still have a waist.  From the side, I am super pregnant, but from the back, I am unchanged.  And that’s nice.
  • I feel sexy.  I feel round and fertile and not-fat.  I’ve always carried by weight in my belly, and now it’s not fat, it’s baby.  Despite the fact that bending down is starting to be a challenge, especially without kind of grunting, I still feel sexy.  And randy.  It’s been fun.
  • I seemed to get all ambitious at work at the same time I got ready to be knocked up, and that’s worked out pretty well for me.
  • After years of feeling like my body was a failure (due to bad eyes, hearing disability, joint issues and digestive problems), my body is good at being pregnant.  I feel strong and capable and like I can, on the whole, trust my body to do this thing.
  • After getting over the whole ‘omg alien parasite swimming around peeing inside me’ thing, feeling the baby kick and roll and such is pretty fucking cool. 
  • I’ve been lactose intolerant since 2003, and while things have got better the last few years, I haven’t had more than a couple of bites of ice cream in most of a decade.  And suddenly?  I can eat dairy!  I’m still not up to a glass of milk, but I can eat ice cream and cream cheese and it’s wonderful.  Ice cream is SO GOOD, you guys!  I had no idea!  So there may be 5 different types of ice cream in my freezer right now.  I feel that between the required calcium and the fact that I’m still not putting on weight (I think I lost 2 pounds last month?), that a small bowl of ice cream every other day is totally allowable.  Plus, it’s about the only thing that seems to settle the screaming heartburn. 
  • Pants without waistbands?  Awesome.  Not having to unzip your fly or make sure it’s zipped back up, or feel the waist band cutting in after a large meal?  Just awesome.  (We’ll ignore the fact that today’s work pants keep kind of falling down as I walk.)
  • I do not miss my period in any way. 


  • I’ve been having some pelvic floor issues.  Something feel like I’ve spent the last day having rough sex and everything is tender, and some days it really actively hurts.   Some days  I think I can feel my pelvis widening.  It comes and goes though, and I’m pretty careful of what I do, and it’s manageable.
  • The exhaustion of the first trimester was annoying.  Especially while doing an emergency basement reno.
  • Oh, my god, the heartburn.  It started a couple of months ago, and it’s fairly constant.  And I have NO IDEA what will and won’t set it off.  I went out for a team lunch and ate a three course meal, complete with burger with patty the size and shape of a hockey puck?  Sure, heartburn isn’t a surprise.  The day I ate a muffin at a breakfast meeting and got raging heartburn for the next 18 hours?  WTF.  Yesterday, my breakfast of yogurt, raspberries and granola gave me heartburn, but today, I went out for dim sum and am fine.  It’s gotten to the point I’m almost afraid to eat.

But really?  Pros outweigh cons by a mile. 


Here’s hoping I still feel like this when we head off to Cabo in 3 weeks!


One response to “The ups and downs of pregnancy

  1. Wow! You’re really lucky! Good for you! But yeah! There is really no rhyme or reason to the heartburn for me either. But I have found that greasy food helps…but really only sometimes. I guess we’re just meant to tough it out!

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