While I was away…

I took a quick vacation to Seattle to hang out with my sister, who lives in Vancouver.  I’ve been to Vancouver many times, and never to Seattle, so I flew and she bussed and we met for a long weekend of eating, walking, and buying cheap maternity wear.  (Side note: why is Target the only place that sells maternity clothes any more?  Old Navy?  Only online.  Sears?  Nope. Walmart? Don’t know, don’t care, won’t shop there.  Sure, there’s that superexpensive store downtown, but I refuse to spend $100 on a shirt at the best of times, let alone one I’ll wear for a few months at most.  So trips to America to Target it is.  Sigh.)

ANYWAYS.  While I was off eating bbq pork buns and fresh pears and palmiers, a post I wrote about why we wed went up over at Happy Sighs.