Baby names

So I fell down a rabbithole today.  I found the 2009 Alberta Baby Name list (  It’s ALL the baby names registered in the province last year.  Almost 100 pages of magic.  My goodness but there are some wacky names being used out there.  No offence intended to the surely loving parents, but I must say, I had quite a few giggles.  Like the poor little boy named Fiifi.  And the girl named Yoyo.  I had to wonder how many of these kids will petition for a legal name change by 15. 

Some other favourites for boys:

  • Cherubim
  • Ericlindross (David says this is grounds to have our own little LannyMcDonald.  I disagreed.)
  • Little (will spent his 20s introducing himself as “little, but big where it counts!”)
  • Nixxyn
  • Qiushi
  • Shiv
  • St. (street or saint, what’s your guess?)
  • Vlad (YES! Named because daddy impaled mommy and out came Vlad…)
  • Zaviyar/Zaxten/Zayaam/Zxavier/Zixu  (someones got a little excited by the end of the alphabet.)
 And for girls:
  • Angel  (There are 21 baby girls named Angel born last year.  21!  5 will probably become strippers.)
  • Bebe (see?  I could get away with naming my future hypothetical “Baby”!  Someone else did.)
  • Brier (HURRY HARD!)
  • Fury (careful of self-fulfilling prophecies)
  • Mischiefs
  • Narkie (she’s a tattletale.)
  • Oluwanifesimi
  • Rave (Mommy, why am I called Rave?  Well, baby, your daddy and I were at a rave and did a bunch of E, and then we made you!)
  • Sarah-Mohammad-Fawzy (named by a committee.)
  • Serenity-Sky (someone misses Firefly?)

So, what’s the most off the wall name you’ve run into?


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