I’m a reader.  I always have been, and given my daily c-train commute, I power through ~150 books a year.  A decently large number of books.  And I have finally, finally, given myself permission to not finish books that I am not enjoying.  It’s taken me until recently to get there – I used to basically feel if I committed to the first 50 pages, why on earth stop? I’m a fast reader, so it’s not like a book I am not enjoying takes that long to finish, right?

I put down a book the other day – I’d read it on my commute, so was maybe 60 pages in.  It was a British Lad Lit book, which is a genre I enjoy.  The book was funny enough, but it hit one of my Big Red Reader Buttons.  I can’t bear it in books (or in real life, for that matter) when the entire book could be resolved on page 4 if the people actually had a damn conversation.  Yeah, sure, it’s “funny” to read 300 pages of continuous misunderstandings and inability to talk like grownups.  Okay, it’s really not.  Listen, random British guy, if you’re unsure if that was a real proposal, talk about it!  ASK HER HOW SHE FEELS.  TELL HER HOW YOU FEEL.  ACT LIKE AN ADULT.  (I am just as all-caps in real life when people I know refuse to talk about stuff – I KNOW talking about stuff can be hard.  But do it anyway.  And then, much of the time, talking and making sure you are both on the same page?  Makes lots of stuff better!  Arrrg.)

There’s probably a lesson in here somewhere, but I’m too tired (and too interested in the next book) to care…


2 responses to “Books

  1. Ooh, I have the same struggle with not allowing myself to give up on books I’m not enjoying. Although I do it anyway, but I feel guilty.

    And I’m SO JEALOUS of your ability to read while you commute. Very jealous indeed.

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