My new obsession

I’m trying to transition from admin to engineer tech at work, and currently I’m doing about three peoples worth of work in a 40 hour week, and it’s a little manic inducing.  And it’s totally cutting in to my at work internet time, sigh.  On the upside, I’m kicking ass as an engg tech, and there maybe an internal job offer in the works before too long.  So that’s good.

In the meantime, let me just tell you about my latest obsession. Banana ice cream!  Lactose free banana (peanut butter!) ice cream.  All you need is frozen bananas and maybe peanut butter and food processor.   It’s super easy, insanely tasty, it feels very indulgent but also you could eat it for breakfast, because it’s just a banana and a scoop of peanut butter. 

It always works well with frozen mango, although that’s pretty tart and next time I’ll add some sweetened coconut shreds before I blend it.  I’m going to try peach ice cream next. 

It’s just so much easier than breaking out the ice cream maker, and healthier than anything with cream, and better for me, because cream makes me sick and while you can get lactose free milk, I’ve never seen lactose free heavy cream. 

But really, did I mention how GOOD it is?  Yum.


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