Damn you, commercials

So, for years I used to mock those pregnancy testing commercials.  You know, the ones about how you can test super early?  I was always like, “you can’t wait 3 more days?  Jeeze, people.”

And now?  Now that time is standing still?  I UNDERSTAND THE IMPULSE. 

Refuse to give in, of course.  General principle meets cheapness.  But I still understand. 

 And feel the shame because of it.  🙂


One response to “Damn you, commercials

  1. I was thinking about this recently. My first pregnancy was not anticipated. My next one will be very much planned, which led me to think about my inherent impatience. I’m going to be fighting the urge to check every hour, when that time comes!

    I think all of this is to say, congrats on resisting the impulse 😉

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