Book Nerd

So.  I’m a book nerd.  Both houses I’ve owned have had libraries – they pretty much have to.  I’m a devoted library user, and still have a room of books.  I’ve moved them enough times to know what a pain it is, and I do my best to only keep books I might read again, but that still leaves a lot of books.  3 large Billy bookshelves and 2 small ones in the library, 2 medium sized bookshelves upstairs, and then two more downstairs for all of David’s books.  Oh, and books in the 40s teak display cabinets on both floors.  I admit I have a bit of a problem… 

I love the library.  I love the ability to have most of the books I want to read delivered to the place just down the road.  I love that I spend $12 a year and get to read $10,000 worth of books.  My first year out of University, I read constantly and figured that I would have spent my gross salary on books had I not had a library card.  (And that would have made paying rent challenging.)

I don’t just read fiction, although that’s still the bulk of it. I also like to take out cookbooks and dvds and decor books and non-fiction about whatever my current obsession is.  (Which is how I managed to read literally 25 different wedding planning books.)  Which brings us to last week. 

So.  I had the IUD removed and then, neurotic optimist that I am, I went on the library’s website and requested a half dozen giant pregnancy tombs.   What to Expect when You’re Expecting; Pregnancy: the Mumsnet Guide; Your Pregnancy Week by Week; Pushed: The Painful Truth about Childbirth and Modern Maternity Care; One Year to an Organized Life with Baby; From the Hips…  You know, your standard collection of pregnancy books for the OCD bookworm type.  So I stacked a couple of fiction books on top and headed to the check out counter.  One of the lovely librarians I’ve been dealing with for years gave me a big smile and noted that there was a bit of a theme here.  I kind of grinned and nodded and she then beamed at me and offered her congratulations.  I blushed and said thank you – it just seemed so much easier than having to admit I’m just a forward planning, overly optimistic, totally OCD dork.


2 responses to “Book Nerd

  1. Yeah, I’m in Calgary, and I’m totally happy to pay $12 a year to have unlimited books. (And even with the fee, it’s still the second most used library system in the country, so that’s saying something.)

    Now, is it that you’re from here and know how things work in Alberta, or is our reputation that typical in the rest of Canada?

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