Pulling the goalie?

We’re at the point where the when has gone from a future problem, to a near future problem, to last night’s discussion, which was measured in weeks.  We decided that pulling the IUD in two weeks was just too soon, and pushed it off at least another month.   I mean, in April I have this awesome “Cops and Robbers” stagette to go to – it’s for one of his innumerable cousins, and promises to be amazing! And I’m gonna have to be drunk to wear horizontal stripes. 

So.  It boiled down to even super keen David been like, eep, not yet.  He’s more ready than I am, so I’m pleased that we both thought another month or two of stalling would be good.  Because, after all, I control the universe with my mind, and clearly will get pregnant the first second I’m not using birth control.  Isn’t that what we all learned in sex ed in grade 7?  Sex= babies.  Oh, sure, I’ve read the books.  I know when I ovulate and I read a 700 page book about cervical fluid, and so on.  But still, there will be part of me that will be surprised when it doesn’t happen on my exact schedule.    Oh well – I hear the trying’s fun, right?  🙂

It’s a good thing.  Over Christmas, we wrote a very long list called Getting Shit Done 2011.  Like New Year’s resolutions, but more practical.  Like: get RRSPs (check!), write will (no), put together Europe vacation pictures (started), re-seal tile in bathroom (I’m still high from doing this last weekend)…  We’ve only done a little from the list, most of which I’ve already forgotten about.  It was compiled as a sort of pre-baby checklist.  Because I like lists.  And I really like the illusion of control.  I’ll let you know how *that* goes…


2 responses to “Pulling the goalie?

  1. Somehow putting something on a list makes it feel done. Which is so clearly not the case. This summer we have to redo the entire garage – down to some of the joists. Writing it down sadly doesn’t not change the fact the roof may cave in before the snow melts.

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